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A Handy Guide to Maintain Epoxy Flooring

An industrial or factory floor can undergo the most brutal of wear and tear. This is why epoxy flooring is highly recommended. One of the most well-known methods to maintain the floors of industrial sites, it is now also becoming popular among regular homeowners.

Commercial sites naturally have floors that can become damaged quickly, but some homeowners also want to maintain the durability of the flooring of their houses. As such, many are now turning to epoxy flooring, instead of just the more usual method of concrete polishing.

One issue with epoxy flooring is that it needs to be regularly maintained, to stay durable. If not, it’s numerous good qualities might vanish.  Below are some important tips to remember for maintaining epoxy flooring.

First, epoxy flooring should be regularly wiped and polished. Recoating may also be necessary occasionally. This may seem cumbersome, but if proper maintenance is engaged in, the life of the polymer flooring can even be lengthened, which is certainly a good thing.

Second, epoxy flooring should be constantly checked by a professional company. This may sound costly, but it is absolutely worthwhile. Having a professional check the health of the epoxy flooring will maintain it its pristine condition, something that could provide returns for a long time. Homeowners who do this can certainly Imagine not having to constantly change their flooring, which means fewer costs in the future.

Concrete polishing has been relied on for years, mainly because of its convenience and affordability, but it is now discovered that epoxy flooring just might be a more effective method after all. Homeowners desire polished concrete because this can transform their floors into a blank, smooth canvas, which is also both durable and atheistically positive. Epoxy can do the same but offer a higher level of durability. You can even rent the concrete grinders if you would like to do it yourself.

Epoxy flooring is also known for its antistatic and slip-resistant characteristics, making it all the more popular. The key is to just maintain it properly as one would with any form of investment, which can take time, effort, and money, but the payoff is certainly worth it.

Band Nights

Band Nights

Every Wednesday at The Quakerhouse we host bands ranging from slow blues to rock!

Playing music from bands going from Queen to Free and from Joe Bonamassa to Chuck Berry.. There’s always something to please everyone!

Check out the Dates for this year’s band nights.. Free entry before 8pm £4 after 8pm.

TBA – ‘To Be Announced Later’


  • 7th – Uncle Gilbert
  • 14th – Chris Banderes
  • 21st – The Blueflies
  • 28th – DVD


  • 4th – Shake the Snake
  • 11th – Tin Pan Alley
  • 18th – Born Villains
  • 25th – The Delphians


  • 2nd – Blue Diamonds
  • 9th – Graham Russell
  • 16th – The Whole Hog
  • 23rd – Steam Radio
  • 30th – Jiab

Last time some of these bands came around last year, we had to get sound barriers installed because the place rocked so hard. Tornado Roofing came and did a roof installation for us so the neigbors didn’t get pissed! It just shows how much fun we like to have at quakerhouse.

43 years old I m working to lower my blood sugar

43 years old I m working to lower my blood sugar

I try to reduce my intake of my favorite rice, bread, noodles and desserts, and try a vegetable-oriented diet.   The rice is about 1 cup of teacup a day.   Bread is low-sugar or whole-wheat bread.   Noodles can only eat things like noodles that are said to have low sugar content.   The seasoning does not use sugar but uses sweeteners.   It is a feeling that it is always searching for a variety of trials and seasonings that are written with sugar restrictions and that suit her.   The dressing was also changed to a non-oil type with less calories per tablespoon.   What limits carbohydrates to this point is thinking about the carbohydrates of the food itself.   We often hear that the main food such as rice and sugar are rich in sugar, but sugar is also contained in potatoes, beans and vegetables.   The amount of sugar differs depending on the food, but since it consumes the sugar even if it is eaten as it is, the sugar that can be reduced at the time of cooking is cut, and the food is selected with less sugar and the food is limited to one day It is because it is possible to fit in the quantity that is all right even if it takes in.



Beers in at the Quakerhouse. We stock lots of beers at the Quakerhouse, last year we sold over 800 different beers! We stock pale – ruby – dark porters, and from 3% beers to 6% beers and more! Check out our current beer stock.

The Quakerhouse

The Quakerhouse

The Quakerhouse opened as a Licensed Bar in October 1998 having undergone major alterations from the old Quaker Coffee House. The building was originally 3 cottages built in the late 1700′s when the yard was active with tradesmen such as coopers and blacksmiths. Mechanics Yard as it is known now used to be known as Betty Hobson’s yard indeed it is thought that Betty still haunts the yard. Whether there is any connection between this and our resident ghost, Ethel, we can’t be sure but there are plenty of stories going around, so draw your own conclusions.Steve Metcalfe started here as manager in 2002 and installed four real ales, then increased capacity by adding another two, taking it to six in total. They then developed a house ale in connection with Darwin Brewery naming it Ghost Ale after our resident spook.

In June 2002 the pub was sold to the Tadcaster Pub Co. Steve and his partner Lynda bought the lease and traded for just over a year under a tied house, which limited buying power in the real ale market. Long negotiations with the Tadcaster Pub Co. eventually led to going free of tie. This obviously had its drawbacks with a sharp increase in rent, etc but also led to an increased variety in real ale provision, through adding an extra four hand pumps, three of these were resident all the time Jarrow Rivet Catcher, Greene King Abbot Ale and Westons Old Rosie Cider .

In October 2008 The Quaker was amongst 30 pubs sold by Tadcaster to Scottish & Newcastle. Sadly, it was a return to the dark days of full tie. The combination of high rent and limited cask availability, forced Steve to call it a day in February 2009. Closure was imminent (in fact it did close for one day), and that’s where we, Brian Dourish and Garry Hewitt, stepped in. We were able to run things virtually free of tie until S & N, in their wisdom decided the pub was not in their portfolio image, and promptly put it on the market. However, as sitting tenants, we were given first option to buy. Through a long period of intense negotiation, The Quakerhouse, (now re-named) became freehold on October 30th 2009. We would like to truly thank all those who have supported our battle.

The Quaker has been voted CAMRA pub of the year now ten times in Eleven years, the last being this years, 2012. Also we were honored with a bronze award in the regional pub of the year. Improvements are ongoing but there will not be any change to the unique atmosphere to which we hold dear, and there will be an ever growing commitment to provide an increasing choice of top quality real ales!

The Quakerhouse is also renowned as being one of the best venues for rock music on Wednesday nights, a reputation that has been achieved by attracting great musicians, and an appreciative and knowledgeable audience. Long may it ‘rock’



Here at The Quakerhouse we pride ourselves in the beer and the service BUT we also pride ourselves on our music.  Every Monday we have an acoustic night either held by local Talent or a guest artist who comes down to play.

We also host a ‘Busk-It’ once a month which is an open mic night with a live backing band where anyone who wants to play, sing or just stand there can get up on stage and have fun.  Every Wednesday we have great rock or blues bands playing on our stage, these range from slow blues bands to heavy rock bands.

Once a month we also host a ‘Blues Night’ which is essentially an open mic night but for just purely blues music.  It is hosted by 2 local artist who are amazing! Mr Jez Taylor and Maggie Ross.

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