Are you looking into options for replacement windows? Before you feel like you’ve just fallen through the looking glass as you try to juggle between what material to choose, know that you’re not alone. In case you’re wondering, the market demand for vinyl and metal windows is forecast to grow in the coming years. Although vinyl windows are expected to experience the fastest growth compared to other window materials, metal windows will still account for the leading share of window sales in a global perspective. Aluminum is considered the best metal that’s ideal for windows. Whether you decide to use aluminum-clad wood or vinyl-clad wood combinations, both options will go well with your home décor. It is better to concern with best home remodeling company to decide better about your home windows. If you want to know more about the key differences between vinyl and aluminum windows, take a look at this:

Aluminum-Clad Wood

If you’re looking to combine high-quality materials with low-maintenance requirements, aluminum-clad wood is your ideal choice. What makes it a popular window choice among homeowners and business owners is the fact that it offers topnotch protection against various elements. Furthermore, the exterior side of aluminum-clad wood windows come in a wide variety of colors that are baked into a perfect finish. Meanwhile, its interiors that are made of wood can be painted or stained to complement well with your home décor.

Vinyl-Clad Wood

Being highly resistant to the elements, vinyl-clad windows offer the same functionality as aluminum-clad windows. In terms of style, both share similar features as well, except for the vinyl exterior. Although the choice of colors for this type of window is limited to white, beige, and brown, many homeowners who choose this window type manage to match the window’s look with their existing home décor.

A Homeowner’s Guide to Top Window Options

Aluminum Windows

You’re probably aware that light aluminum window frames are generally cheaper than wood frames. However, if you reside in areas where temperature swings are common, you may not want to use lower quality aluminum windows because they’re notorious for transferring cold.

Should you decide to choose this type of window, make sure that you go for the variety that has strips of plastic or rubber called a thermal break in the aluminum frames. A thermal break is designed to reduce the conduction of both heat and cold. If you’re concerned with its ability to go well with your home décor, you won’t have any issues with it because most aluminum windows nowadays are usually finished with baked enamel paint in bronze or white. To prevent corrosion, it’s best to periodically coat the frames with auto wax.


Vinyl Windows

In most cases, windows with vinyl frames are available on the market for about half the price of wood windows. This window type is a perfect choice for energy-conscious homeowners who are looking to add paned insulated glass and retrofit their homes. With vinyl windows, you have the option to change only certain parts of your window or the whole thing. For instance, you can replace worn-out double-hung window tracks with vinyl tracks that come with built-in counterweight springs. If the frames are still in good condition, you can choose to put in new sashes or replace the entire window unit. In case you’re wondering about their ability to provide insulation, vinyl windows do so through the dead air space that allows the honeycomb effect to take place in their extruded vinyl frames. Although the colors are quite limited, they wouldn’t require painting.

Knowing about these top window options gives you an idea about how they work, their best features, and how they would match your home décor.