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Kitchen Floor Tiles

Kitchen Floor Tiles

There are many different tile options that you have available when you are looking to add both function and aesthetic appeal to your home. Kitchen floor tiles are important, but you need to know where to begin and what matters most. Over the years, natural stone tiles have become a favorite option for many homeowners. They offer a unique style and appeal that is unmatched.

The most popular types of natural stone tiles include slate, marble, limestone, travertine, granite and sandstone. Some natural stone tiles have more than just one of these mountain born materials. There different ways that you can compare natural stone tiles to ensure that you obtain a high quality flooring option for your home. The type of kitchen floor tiles that you choose from do matter.

Kitchen Floor Tiles and Absorption

The biggest factor when you are comparing natural stone tiles is absorption. These tiles are normally installed in areas of the home where spill occur and water exposure is likely. This means that porous materials might not be the ideal flooring option. Non-vitreous tiles have the highest absorption rates and sandstone is the natural stone that is most porous. It tends to suck up liquids quickly and should not be installed in areas that become wet.

In contrast, granite is the most impervious of all the natural stone tile options. This means that it is almost completely water resistant and can be installed in regions where spills or liquids may be applied. Having polished natural stone tiles is also recommended, because polish allows for less absorption. Limestone, travertine and slate all seem to be in the middle of the spectrum when it comes to absorbency.


It is also important to consider different grade options when you are comparing natural stone tiles. Grades are given to different types of natural stone tiles based on factors including durability, size and shape. The grading system has three different levels. Grade one tiles are the highest quality and grade two natural stone tiles are produced using some materials that might be slightly blemished.

Grade three natural stone tiles are on the completely other side of the spectrum and are created using materials that are low in quality and have big flaws in size and surface. The price break in grade three natural stone tiles is not often worth the lack of quality that is obtained in exchange for lower cost.

A Handy Guide to Maintain Epoxy Flooring

A Handy Guide to Maintain Epoxy Flooring

An industrial or factory floor can undergo the most brutal of wear and tear. This is why epoxy flooring is highly recommended. One of the most well-known methods to maintain the floors of industrial sites, it is now also becoming popular among regular homeowners.

Commercial sites naturally have floors that can become damaged quickly, but some homeowners also want to maintain the durability of the flooring of their houses. As such, many are now turning to epoxy flooring, instead of just the more usual method of concrete polishing.

One issue with epoxy flooring is that it needs to be regularly maintained, to stay durable. If not, it’s numerous good qualities might vanish.  Below are some important tips to remember for maintaining epoxy flooring.

First, epoxy flooring should be regularly wiped and polished. Recoating may also be necessary occasionally. This may seem cumbersome, but if proper maintenance is engaged in, the life of the polymer flooring can even be lengthened, which is certainly a good thing.

Second, epoxy flooring should be constantly checked by a professional company. This may sound costly, but it is absolutely worthwhile. Having a professional check the health of the epoxy flooring will maintain it its pristine condition, something that could provide returns for a long time. Homeowners who do this can certainly Imagine not having to constantly change their flooring, which means fewer costs in the future.

A Handy Guide to Maintain Epoxy Flooring

Concrete polishing has been relied on for years, mainly because of its convenience and affordability, but it is now discovered that epoxy flooring just might be a more effective method after all. Homeowners desire polished concrete because this can transform their floors into a blank, smooth canvas, which is also both durable and atheistically positive. Epoxy can do the same but offer a higher level of durability. You can even rent the concrete grinders if you would like to do it yourself.

Epoxy flooring is also known for its antistatic and slip-resistant characteristics, making it all the more popular. The key is to just maintain it properly as one would with any form of investment, which can take time, effort, and money, but the payoff is certainly worth it.

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